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Cole MFG. Co.

40-003 Cole Toolbar Clamps

CODE: 40-003 B12


NEW sold as set of 4

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Cole / Brinley Corn Planter Seed Plate



Good Used 16 Cell - NC Peanut 2 7/8" ID Hole with 4 Notches, 6 3/4" OD used in Brinley & Cole Planters, not MX12 Marked OR 100 More 

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Cole Sidedresser Fertilizer Tubes

CODE: Hoses B12


NEW used with P50-957 Spout- 12" Long in normal position as shown

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DX355 Cole Planter Seed Plate

CODE: DX355 B12


NEW 2 Cell used in Cole 12MX used to plante Watermelons, Pumpkins, & Squash @ 3-4 Seed /Hill More 

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H13 Cole Sidedresser Sprocket

CODE: H13 B12


NEW 11 Tooth

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J35 Cole Cultivator / Planter Clamp

CODE: J35 Cole B12


Good Used - Sandblasted & Primed includes Wedge

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P50-957 Cole Sidedresser Fertilizer Double Spout

CODE: P50-957 B12



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